Rulah. Rulah is Jane Dodge, a rich American–orphaned and extremely bored–is flying over Africa when her plane crashes in the jungle. Rulah is left in rags, so she skins a giraffe, saves a native tribe from white trickery, and becomes a Sheena-clone Jungle Hero. She has no superpowers but is good in a fight and has a pet panther named Saber. She tackles ordinary enemies, like wild animals, wicked natives, and wicked whites, and extraordinary enemies, like the Harpies from Hades, the Panther Queen, the Thirsty Tyrant of Tii, the Jungle Napoleon, the Ice Vikings of Valhalla, and the Ape Women of Antilla. Rulah appears in stories with titles like “Slave Girls of the Monstrous Bwana Terra,” “Satyrs of Satan,” and “The Biting God.”

First Appearance: Zoot Comics #7 (Fox), June 1947. 74 appearances, 1947-1949. Created by Matt Baker and ?









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