Roko the Amazing. High school art student and patriot Lon Crag has one wish: to be like Captain America, “a real American hero! Going around and havin’ adventures an’ cleaning up crime and stuff.” Crag’s wish is granted when he is drawing a picture of Menelaos: “your art has brought me to life through your subconscious mind. For this I can grant you any wish you desire.” “I wanna be a great and good Captain America!" Menelaos tells Crag that when he says "Ilium" he "will have the wisdom of Ulysses, the battle-prowess of Agamemnon and the invulnerability of Achilles" (along with Achilles' weakness). Crag says the word and turns into Roko and goes off to fight evil. In addition to the powers of Ulysses, Agamemnon, and Achilles, he's also got super-strength and can fly and has a magic shield.

First Appearance: USA Comics #5 (Marvel), Summer 1942. 1 appearance. Created by Melville Henry and Jack Alderman.


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