Rockman. Rockman is the king of the underground kingdom of Abysmia, “a strange, unknown, subterranean world deep in the earth’s ancient, gas-formed caverns.” The Abysmians are the descendants of the first white inhabitants of the American continent. Rockman has been monitoring events aboveground for some time and he finally loses his patience when “one of the human rats” tries to “undermine the peace and security of that great nation above us.” Rockman leaves for the surface to help America against its enemies. He has access to advanced science, including monitoring equipment and a "digger car." He has exceptional speed and fighting ability, has a super-tough body, limited super-strength, does not need oxygen to breath and is immune to the pressures of the sea-depths.

First Appearance: USA Comics #1 (Marvel), Aug 1941. 4 appearances, 1941. Created by Basil Wolverton and ?


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