Riley, Rocket. When Professor Sterling, “internationally famous scientist, experimenting with inter-planetary rocket ships,” discovers how to split the atom, he decides to use it as the power to propel his new rocket ship. With Rocket Riley, “the professor’s assistant and pilot of the rocket ships,” and Griselda, Sterling’s daughter and Riley’s fiancee, they prepare to take the ship into space, but von Stangle, head of an international spy ring, tries to seize the ship. The ensuing battle accidentally launches the ship.  They struggle to return home, landing on other planets and battling aliens like the hostile Octopus Men, before finally returning home and defeating von Stengle. Rocket Riley appears in a serial “The Runaway Rocket.”

First Appearance: Rocket Comics #1 (Hillman), Mar 1940. 3 appearances, 1940. Created by ?

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