Robotman. Dr. Robert Crane and his assistant Dr. Chuck Grayson are completing the construction of an android body which will "keep alive a human brain whose owner had died." But just then a group of thugs break into the lab and try to steal whatever's inside. Crane tries to stop them and gets shot for his troubles. As he dies Crane tells Grayson to put his brain into the robot body. Grayson does so, and Crane wakes up in the body of the android. He creates a human mask for himself and takes on a new identity, that of Paul Dennis. He tracks down his killers, gets back together with Joan Carter, his girlfriend, and then goes out to fight crime, with the help of his talking robot dog Robbie. Robotman has super-strength, acute mechanical eyes, "microphonic ears," and is fueled by a several hundred horsepower engine, although he can and does run down and need recharging. His Rogues Gallery includes the Baffler, the mad genius Dr. Gaunt, Dr. Ripari (a.k.a. Dr. Ripper), the Human Magnet, an evil version of Robotman, the Japanese agent “Slanteyes” [sic], the costumed cat-burglar Tiger-Man, and the criminal inventor the Wizard. Robotman appears in stories with titles like “Satan’s Machine Shop,” “The Radium Rogues,” and “Dr. Gaunt, Genius.”

First Appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #7 (DC), Apr 1942. 100+ appearances, 1942-1953. Created by Jerry Siegel, Leo Nowak, and Paul Cassidy.






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