Jones, Robinhood. “Robert Harrison Jones 3rd, descendant of an old New England family and one time crack college athlete, has taken to ‘the road’ in protest to unfair business, crooked politics, and snobbish society–he has collected about him a motley band of fellow ‘gentlemen of leisure’ who loyally do his bidding–amongst them are ‘Little Jack Lee,’ “Fry Tucker,’ etc, all counterparts of our ancient heroes. Jones is rapidly becoming known as ‘Robinhood’ Jones, champion of the weak and the needy, and the sworn foe of all industrial tyrants, racketeers, and dishonest officials.” Robinhood Jones appears in stories with titles like "The Crooked Sheriff," "Ravelle the Racketeer," and "Marco Lopez, Loan Shark."

First Appearance: Champion Comics #7 (Worth Carnahan), May 1940. 5 appearances, 1940. Created by Robert Turner and ?



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