Carson, Rip. Rip Carson is a two fisted “chute trooper,” a parachute trooper during World War Two and then an ace fighter pilot during the Korean War; between the wars he and his pals Texas, Brooklyn, and Chet form “Risks, Unlimited,” freelance pilots and adventurers. Carson is brave to the point of stupidity and happily takes one-man missions to wipe out entire enemy bases. He takes numerous nearly mortal wounds and keeps going. And he is such a hard man that he’ll kill a female Nazi spy without hesitation. Most of his time is spent fighting the Japanese, however: the Yellow Gestapo, kamikaze pilots, the Lightning Legion, the Lost Legion, and so on.

First Appearance: Fight Comics #19 (Fiction House), June 1942. 64 appearances, 1942-1953. Created by Jack Kamen and ?










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