Trail, Rhoda. "Law came to the West, riding on the sights of a six gun! And men weren't the only ones who knew how to shoot girls  like Rhoda Trail--also knew how to match cool courage and a quick wit against the outlaws of the range." She’s the editor of the Sundog Sentinel, a frontier newspaper, and solves crimes and prints the truth as well as shoots bad guys. When crooks threaten to dam the river and charge ranchers for it, Trail is there to stop them. And when the Nightriders, "that band of the orneriest killers and rustlers that ever plagued this country" are active, she stops them. She is assisted by the aged sheriff Windy Knight and by her boyfriend Tim Akers.

First Appearance: Billy West #1 (Standard), Sept 1949. 5 appearances, 1949-1951. Created by Ruben Moreira and ?










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