Dexter, Rex. “One of the features of the Fair of 1939 was the rocketing of a space ship to the planet Mars. Piloted by young Montague Dexter and his wife, the ship soared on its course, the anxious world receiving word from it every hour, until...1960 1970 1980 1990 2000, the years pass. On the face of the planet Mars, in a barren valley, we see the battered rocket plane, like a wounded eagle, it lies there, the first messenger from our Earth to an unknown land. Two men are repairing the ship--Montague Dexter, now 85 years old, and his son Rex, the first human to be born on Mars.” Rex, being a native Martian, doesn't need an oxygen helmet to breath in the Martian atmosphere. He is also friends with the Martians and is the acknowledged link between them and Earth. Once he returns to Earth and adjusts to living in what he thinks of as the future he makes friends and challenges and defeats evil beings, including the Ugly Queen, Lord Marvel, the Protoplasmen, and Tauro the Tyrant. Dexter appears in stories with titles like “The Destruction of Tarsis,” “The Crow From Space,” and “The Fiend Called Franto.”

First Appearance: Mystery Men Comics #1 (Fox), Aug 1939. 32 appearances, 1939-1941. Created by Dick Briefer.






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