Ryan, Reef. Reef Ryan, “fearless explorer from Earth,” explores the wild world of Neptune, with its subterranean civilizations, floating city of Coraam, vampire-men, dinosaurs, Green Legions of Xalan, and Lizard Tyrant. Eventually he teams up with Flint Baker and joins the Space Rangers, fighting against the Queen of Xando, the Behemoths of the Purple Void, and the sun-ray-wielding Venusians, among others. Ryan appears in stories with titles like “Scourge of Neptune,” “Monsters of the Inner-World,” “Green Legions of Xaltan,” and “Lizard Tyrant of the Twilight World.”

First Appearance: Planet Comics #13 (Fiction House), July 1941. 41 appearances, 1941-1953. Created by Al Gabriele and ?




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