Red, White & Blue. Childhood friends Sergeant Red Dugan of the Marines, Whitey Smith of the Army, and Blooey Blue of the Navy make up Red, White & Blue, three stalwart enemies "against the insidious forces bent on sapping the strength of this great world power, the United States of America!!" They are helped by Doris West, Agent G-2 of the U.S. Secret Service, who arranges to have the trio put on special duty “to work as a unit to ferry out spy activities.” Red White and Blue have no superpowers but are strong and clever and good in a fight. They appear in stories with titles like “Gun Smugglers,” “The Volcano,” and “Lightning Over New York.”

First Appearance: All-American Comics #1 (DC), Apr 1939. 87 appearances, 1939-1946. Created by Jerry Siegel and William Smith.










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