Red Torpedo. “Jim Lockhart, U.S. Navy, invents a torpedo that a man can navigate. But his superior, Captain Wells, refuses to take it seriously.” So Lockhart retires from the Navy, and aided by his fiancee builds a special one-man submarine. The world is in the grip of war, and U-boats and Japanese submarines are sinking refugee ships, so Lockhart becomes the Red Torpedo, the “Robin Hood of the Deep.” “...above the cries of carnage, a dashing figure arouses the attention of mankind, appearing at moments of danger and disaster, disappearing again in a red torpedo-like the dismayed navies of the aggressor nations he is known as the Red Torpedo!” The Torpedo’s submarine (also called the Red Torpedo) can fly as well as move on the ship's surface and below it, and is armed with laser-like weapons in its stern. The Red Torpedo fights ordinary criminals, Axis agents, and especially the Black Shark, a modern pirate in scuba gear who works with the undersea tyrant the King of the Caverns as well as with the Nazis. The Red Torpedo appears in stories with titles like “The Pirate Subs,” “The Shark and the Mermazons,” and “The Black Shark’s Bat Plane.”

First Appearance: Crack Comics #1 (Quality), May 1940. 20 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by Henry Kiefer.

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