Red Rocket. Rod Page is an amateur detective of Sherlock Holmesian deductive ability. With his friend and assistant Punchy, Page is quite skillful at solving crimes, even if he sometimes he has to tie up criminals and work them over to get them to talk. And sometimes he has to put on the bullet-proof costume of the Red Rocket and punch out lots of criminals. In later stories the setting changes: it is now 2042, and Page is a representative of the United States at the United Nations’ mid-Atlantic floating island base. Page now has the ability to read minds, and uses it to single-handedly stop aggressor nations. He appears in stories with titles like “Merry Maidens of Mercury,” “Monstrous Mutants,” and “The Wandering Evidence.”

First Appearance: Captain Flight Comics #5 (Four Star Publications), Dec 1944. 7 appearances, 1944-1947. Created by ?










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