Red Man. “A lone Indian, high in the Rockies, last of an ancient tribe, with secret powers of sight, strength, character and foreknowledge which his ancestors handed down through the long generations. His home is the great open–his purpose is to use his powers for the good of mankind–“ Although, in his own words, "the white man has taken all our land and has shown us no justice -- but I have sworn to help the white man!" He does so by helping the Kid, a young white cowboy whose father was robbed by a crooked businessman. The Kid becomes Red Man’s  sidekick. Red Man has super-strength, is uncannily accurate with tomahawk and rifle, and has extra-keen sight, among other plot device powers.

First Appearance: Star Ranger Funnies (Centaur), Oct 1939. 2 appearances, 1939. Created by Art Pinajian.









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