Red Comet. In the year 3000 the Red Comet is the "mystery man of the universe." Years before, as he was traveling through space, "some outer space force passed through my body," giving him super-powers: super-strength (enough to literally throw people off a planet), the ability to grow to enormous heights and shrink to only an inch in height, telekinesis, an extrasensory attraction to criminals, and the ability to explode bullets before they reach him. He uses his abilities to war on his enemies, criminals and "warmongers." Space opera adventures follow: defeating a Uranian invasion; battling Zagu and the Spidermen; beating up a Jovian giant; solving the mystery of the Vanishing Men; going to the planet Zakka, retrieving the precious cascium ore, and defeating the arch-fiend criminal Rasnel; stopping Randi, the "power mad emperor of Randun, and his winged men of conquest;” and so on.

First Appearance: Planet Comics #1 (Fiction House), Jan 1940. 22 appearances, 1940-1952. Created by Ken Jackson and ?







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