Red Blaze. "He's Red Blaze, the All-American from the university and they say he is an Indian! He's broken every record they put before him! They say he once ran two days without stopping!" He is summoned home to the reservation in Nevada when his father is tortured and murdered. The Red Blaze solves the crime, runs down the criminals, and busts up “Boomburg...the wickedest town in the West,” which is inhabited by cowboy bad guys even though the Red Blaze’s adventures take place in the modern day. Red Blaze is human, but has great endurance, can (literally) run for days, and has various plot-device special “Indian” abilities, like making his punches burn like fire.

First Appearance: Fantoman #4 (Centaur), Dec 1940. 1 appearance. Created by Martin Filchock.










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