Red Bee. Rick Raleigh, an Assistant District Attorney, is frustrated at not being able to put more criminals away, due to the slowness and incompetence of the courts and the technicalities that allow criminals to elude justice. He’s especially frustrated at the crooked racketeers in City Hall. So he puts on a costume and fights crime as the Red Bee. He has no superpowers but makes use of a bunch of trained bees (in some stories, just one bee, Mike) as a distraction and his stinger gun as a punishment. He fights enemies like the evil spiritualist Dr. Marah, the Swordsmen (who use electrified swords), and Yellow Peril hatchet men. He appears in stories with titles like “Boss Crowsy, Corrupter of Youth,” “Grotoff’s Underground Underworld,” and “Ratznestski the Car Crook.”

First Appearance: Hit Comics #1 (Quality), July 1940. 24 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by Toni Blum and Charles Nicholas.





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