Reckoner. “Meet The Reckoner, nemesis of the robber barons of gangdom! All who indulge in evil must eventually face the glittering scales of justice of this one man crusade against crime!” Matty Martin (later Michael Shayne), taxi cab driver, puts on a formal tuxedo and mask to solve the crimes he comes into contact with as a cabbie–he forces the criminals to reckon with him. He has no powers. He is assisted by the young blond tough kid (later an eager young brunette boy) Chipper. The Reckoner appears in stories with titles like “The Crimes That Came From the Grave,” “The Song of the Dragon,” and “Corpses Don’t Stay Cold.”

First Appearance: Cat-Man Comics #25 (Temerson/Helnit/Continental), July 1944. 10 appearances, 1944-1946. Created by Don Rico and ?








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