Raja the Arabian Knight. “Prince of Araby...swordsman, crack-shot, acrobat...a fearless adventurer whose strength and skill are dedicated to helping his troubled fellowmen...such is Raja...the Arabian Knight.” Schooled as a child in “the wisdom of eastern sages,” educated in an American college, gaining fame “in countless border wars against savage tribesman,” Raja settles in the US to keep “an ancient law of his royal family, ‘Thou shalt be a brother to all men and defend thy brothers against evil.’” In his first appearance Marvelo tells Raja to take over while Marvelo and Zee travel to Brahama. Raja is sidekicked by Punchy Morgan, a prize-fighter. Raja has no superpowers but is a good athlete and fighter.

First Appearance: Big Shot Comics #21 (Columbia), Jan 1942. 4 appearances, 1942. Created by ?








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