Radar. Pep Pepper is the latest a long line of circus folks. His father was a strongman and acrobat and his mother was a "mentalist," and Pep inherits both their powers, along with clairvoyant "radar vision." After demonstrating his powers in front of the troops and uncovering a Nazi spy, he is honorably discharged to become an unofficial international policeman, appointed so by FDR, Churchill, Stalin, and Chiang Kai-Shek themselves. Teaming up at various times with Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., and the Phantom Eagle, and meeting a variety of ethnicities (who are surprisingly free from racist stereotypes), Radar fights against a colorful variety of villains: the World Gauleiters (a post-war Nazi group), the natives of the Evil Shangri-La, alien invaders, and of course, one of the greatest villains of them all, the fascist Anarcho, Dictator of Death, “the renegade American who broadcast for Germany during the war.” He appears in stories with titles like “Dealers in Degeneration,” “Rocket Bombs Over Panama,” and “Mein Kampf–Post-War Version.”

First Appearance: Captain Marvel Adventures #35 (Fawcett), May 1944. 50 appearances, 1944-1948. Created by C.C. Beck and ?









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