Crusoe, Rabbit-son. Rabbit-son Crusoe is a rabbit from Brooklyn whose ship is wrecked and who is stranded on a deserted island, with just an African-American stereotype turtle named Friday ("A got a name fo' every day of de week. Today ah is Friday!”) to keep him company. Robinson Crusoe-esque adventures follow. A typical adventure involves Crusoe reading about Jack the Giant Killer, getting hit on the head with a coconut and forgetting his true identity and believing that he is Jack, instead. He goes looking for giants to kill, and finds one, but is unable to harm him in any way. Also, "if yuh tink I'm gonna kill any big giant in front of all dose kids readin' Zoo Comics, you’re crazy."

First Appearance: Zoo Funnies #1 (Charlton), Nov 1945. 15 appearances, 1945-1947. Created by ?









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