Quicksilver. “A whirling dynamo of human energy, Quicksilver laughs in the face of danger, and streaks into action against crime and corruption.” Quicksilver, “the Laughing Robin Hood,” whose civilian identity is never named (he's just "Max") and almost never shown, was never given an origin. He simply works from his secret lab and fights crime. He has super-speed and is very acrobatic. In one story he teams up with Uncle Sam, Hercules (III), Neon the Unknown, the Ray, and Black Condor. Quicksilver fights the Axis mesmerist Baron Hoff, the circus aerialists the Black Cats, the Mad Scientist Dr. Morlo, the Human Fly, the Screaming Skull, the Witch Doctor, and the Speed Demons, whose super-speed is derived from special pills. Quicksilver appears in stories with titles like “The Blades of Baron Hoff,” “The Speed Demons,” and “The Corpse That Wouldn’t Stay Buried.”

First Appearance: National Comics #5 (Quality), Nov 1940. 69 appearances, 1940-1949. Created by Chuck Mazoujian and ?






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