Queen of Evil. “Thebes—1,000 B.C.—the beautiful Nagana, high priestess of Isis, does the sacred fire dance! But Nagana, called Daughter of Isis, secretly plots evil–envious of the goddess’ might!” Nagana aims to rule Thebes, and verbally defies Isis. But when she attempts to seduce the priest Kalkor, he rejects her, ultimately leading to Isis destroying Thebes. 3,000 years later, Nagana, in statue form, is unearthed by an archaeologist. Nagana comes to life in the moonlight and plots to gain power. Isis brings Kalkor back to life to stop her. The Queen of Evil, made immortal through her “arts,” appears in stories with titles like "An Undying Evil," "The Salvation of Dr. Redder," and "The Sacred Ruby of Athor."

First Appearance: Fantastic Comics #22 (Fox), Sept 1941. 4 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by Louis Cazeneuve and ?










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