Purple Zombie. The Purple Zombie is created by Doctors Malinsky and Hale. Dr. Hale intends  to use "the invention...to prolong life, not to revive the dead," but the evil Dr. Malinsky wants to create armies of zombies and become "ruler of the living and the dead." Malinsky shoots Hale but is then strangled to death by the Zombie, who goes on to kill Malinsky’s allies. The Zombie has super-strength and is bullet proof. The Zombie, whose name is later revealed to be Zoro, confronts such criminals as Chico, “the inventor of the radio-controlled mechanized skeleton,” Otto von Suda and his death ray, and various historical bad guys during a prolonged trip through time in which Zoro meets King Richard the Lion-Hearted and Queen Elizabeth I.

First Appearance: Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #1 (Eastern Color), Aug 1940. 12 appearances, 1940 1942. Created by Tarpe Mills.








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