Princess Pantha. Princess Pantha is the "ace animal trainer of the Great National Circus," and its "biggest drawing card ever," but Mr. Gates sends her into the African jungle in search of a "monster gorilla terrorizing the natives in the Tahou section of French West Africa.” Unfortunately, her expedition is attacked by drunken, crazed Kodus, and she is the only survivor. Two months later, adventurer and explorer Dane Hunter is sent to rescue her, but he finds that she is making a nice life for herself as a Sheena-style Jungle Hero. They stay together as lovers, and she fights evil in the jungle, using her various skills (including jiu-jitsu) to fight rebellious natives, the giant gorilla M’Gana, angry “pygmies,” and the white queen of the Fire God. Princess Pantha appears in stories with titles like "The Land of the Rainbow Light," "The Land of the Black Python," and "The Five Footsteps of Fate!"

First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #56 (Standard Comics), Oct. 1946. 26 appearances, 1946 1949. Created by Art Saaf and ?






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