Power Man. Rip Regan, whose background is never explained but who seems to be some sort of adventurer, is given a special suit by his friend Dr. Austin. The suit is “chemically treated metal that has been woven into a suit...it will make the wearer lighter than air, yet it is stronger than any metal on Earth–it is a power suit!!” Wearing the suit gives Regan super-strength, virtual super-speed, and Hulk leaps. In his initial outing as Power Man Regan fights the Skull, a Yellow Peril illegal alien smuggler. Power Man goes on to fight ordinary criminals, racketeers, dictators, German agents, evil industrialists, and the subterranean, human-hating Termite Men.

First Appearance: Fight Comics #3 (Fiction House), Mar 1940. 12 appearances, 1940 1941. Created by Herman Bolstein and John Celardo.










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