Plastic Man.  Eel O’Brian, a crook, is shot during a crime gone wrong and trips into a vat of acid. He then stumbles into a monks’ retreat up in the mountains. They heal him, in mind and body, and once he’s well he discovers that he can stretch and form his body into almost anything. He uses his new powers to fight crime. He is assisted by Woozy Winks, a friend and ex con. Plastic Man’s Rogues Gallery includes the alien shape-shifter Amorpho, the illusionists Abba and Dabba, the invulnerable Concrete, the evil genius Dr. Erudite, the Mad Scientist Eight-Ball, the master of disguise the Fiend, the spider-like dwarf inventor Hairy Arms, the mind-reading Kra Vishnu, the Lava Man, Mr. Morbid, Raka the Witch Doctor (whose crime gang is a pack of gorillas), and Pogo Flinch, an amputee racketeer whose lower body is a pogo stick. Plastic Man appears in stories with titles like “Case of the Disembodied Hands,” “The Sinister Swami,” and “Gargantua, the Phi Beta Gorilla.”

First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (Quality), Aug 1941. 100+ appearances, 1941-1956. Created by Jack Cole.


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