Pinky. An orphan, Pinky loses his parents to murderers. Pinky swears to his parents. Brian Butler, a.k.a. Mr. Scarlet, is the man who takes Pinky to the orphanage. Pinky makes a costume to fight evil in imitation of Mr. Scarlet, assists Mr. Scarlet on a case, and ends up being adopted by Butler. Pinky teams up with Mary Marvel on occasion. Pinky fights against the Dr. Jelke (who transforms into murderous Mr. Hyde), the Black Sphinx, Wolf Men, and the clever Mr. Question (who uses a quiz show to solve tough security and police measures). He appears in stories with titles like “Melodious Death,” “The Black Clown,” and “The Moon Torchman.”

First Appearance: Wow Comics #4 (Fawcett), Winter 1941-1942. 100+ appearances, 1941 1949+. Created by Otto Binder & Jack Binder.










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