Phantom Sub. "Seeking young blood and fresh minds to carry on his work, Prof. Blackburn, aged inventor, takes as his assistants Jack Damon and Slim Dugan, graduates of a well-known technical school. He has plans for a super-sub which will revolutionize modern warfare." Unfortunately, Prof. Blackburn dies, turning his plans over to Jack and Slim on his deathbed. Jack and Slim build the sub, despite attempts by "foreign agents" to take the plans. The sub has a "water-driven engine" that can move the sub "at a speed of 60 to 100 miles an hour!" It has torpedoes as well. The Phantom Sub appears in stories with titles like “Prisoners on the Isle of Zorn,” “Tong-Lu-Mong,” and “The Phantom Sub Takes to the Air.”

First Appearance: Blue Bolt Comics #1 (Novelty Press), June 1940. 37 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by Bill O’Connor, Ben Flinton, and Leonard Sansone.








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