Phantom Falcon (II). After a successful career as a Navy ace Clipper Kirk is sight-seeing in South America when he is kidnaped by fascist agents. The world thinks he is dead, so Kirk allows this assumption to go unchallenged, and begins to fight evil as the costumed Phantom Falcon (II). In these spy adventures the Phantom Falcon fights against German agents working to bring about the Fourth Reich, led by the mysterious A1. The Falcon is assisted by the French female agent Marie, who knows of his previous identity. Flying his high-tech jet, the Falcon finds mysterious German bases in South America, fights against Germans with death rays, eludes the Mounties (who want him for murder), and stops an atomic bomb from being dropped on an American troop transport.

First Appearance: Wings Comics #68 (Fiction House), Apr 1946. 6 appearances, 1946. Created by Joey Cavallo and ?






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