Phantom Eagle. Mickey Malone is a teenager in England stationed on an airbase. He is a good pilot but is forbidden by Sergeant Flogg to fly against the Germans. Mickey, not daunted, assembles a plane of his own and flies off to fight in the war, racking up large numbers of victories. Later on he is joined by the Phoenix Squadron. After the war Malone forms a charter airline and goes in search of the Golden Chalice, which has the Formula for Peace inscribed upon it. The Phantom Eagle has no superpowers but is an ace pilot. Among his enemies is Miss Teantee, the femme fatale Japanese spy. He appears in stories with titles like “Defeats the Flying Radios,” “Against the World Haters,” and “Iron Gate of the Iron Baron.”

First Appearance: Wow Comics #6 (Fawcett), July 15 1942. 62 appearances, 1942-1948. Created by ?










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