Phantom Detective. "Meet the world's greatest sleuth --- The Phantom Detective! Scourge of evil-doers and dreaded nemesis of crimes --- a man of a thousand faces! In real life, he is Richard Curtis van Loan, wealthy young bachelor. To his friends, a bored young idler---but Frank Havens, publisher of the New York Clarion, knows the real role played by the amazing master of criminology--the Phantom Detective--or his substitute personality, the old chemist known as Dr. Bendix!” When Frank Havens shines a red light into the sky, the Phantom Detective is summoned. He is a master of disguise, easily slipping into many different personas, and is as good with his fists as he is a detective. The crimes he solves range from ordinary murders to the framing of an Indian rajah to zombies. He appears in stories with titles like "The Case of the High-Flying Corpse," "The Case of the Songbird's Cage," and "The Trail of the Poison Killer."

First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #53 (Standard), Apr 1946. 18 appearances, 1946-1949. Created by Everett Hibbard and ? Note: this is the comic book version of D.L. Champion’s pulp character of the same name.




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