Rice, Pete. Pete Rice is the sheriff of Buzzard Gap, a remote town in Trinchera County, Arizona. Despite living in Buzzard Gap Rice and his deputies “Teeny” Butler and “Misery” Hicks are known across the Southwest and in Mexico as the deadliest, bravest lawmen around. Rice lives in the 1930s, but Buzzard Gap is remote enough that horses rather than automobiles are still the primary mode of transportation, and cattle rustling and other Wild West crimes still take place with regularity. Besides Butler and Hicks, Rice is aided by Sonny, his sorrel horse (as Rice calls him, his “four-legged deputy”), and by his dog Vulture.

First Appearance: Doc Savage Comics #1 (Street and Smith), 1940. 1 appearance. Created by Jack Farr and ? Note: this is the comic book version of Ben Conlon’s pulp character.

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