Revere, Jr., Paul. Paul Revere, Sr., is a New York City newspaper columnist who is such a patriot that he names his son Paul Revere, Jr. Paul Jr.’s closest friends are coincidentally named Betsy Ross and Patrick Henry; the three are leaders of the “America Awake Club,” a group of patriotic children, and when Paul needs something, such as the mud on a shoe analyzed and traced, he crowdsources it to the Club members via ham radio. In such wise do Paul et al fight crime and Nazi spies. Paul is a surprisingly good fighter for his size. Paul Revere Jr. appears in stories with titles like “Fats to Fry the Axis” and “The Phony Soldiers.”

First Appearance: Banner Comics #3 (Ace), Sept 1941. 14 appearances, 1941-1945. Created by George Wilson and ?





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