Peyton, Pal. “Pal Peyton, ex-college star athlete inherits a small fortune and decides to seek adventure in Latin America. He buys and equips a modern giant bombing plane for use as a freelance flying fortress. He recruits a body of adventurous young men and together they take off for Los Puerto where serious trouble is reported to be brewing. Pal’s self-imposed task is to help the cause of right in international disputes and further the interests of the U.S.A.” His assistants are “Brick” Eggers and “Shadow” Parks, two school chums, and Miss Walton, the spunky secretary who refuses to be left behind just because she’s a woman. In their lone adventure they put down a Central American crook who is seizing oil wells.  

First Appearance: O.K. Comics #1 (Worth Carnahan), July 1940. 1 appearance. Created by Jon Small and ?









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