Oran of the Jungle. “Oran, who won fame in America as a heavyweight boxers, has returned to the African jungle where he had grown up, and is now living with his father in a small jungle village.” Surprisingly, crime finds Oran even there, but thanks to his skills as a boxer and as a Jungle Hero, and of course the help of friendly natives, Oran punches out whoever opposes him: rebellious natives, other boxers, crooked circus strong men, an elusive Native American cutthroat, rampaging animals, a femme fatale murderer with a pet swordfish, or even an invading army of Lost Race Amazons. Later in his career he moves to South America and takes up the cause of the oppressed natives there, although even there he finds cannibal tribes to punch.

First Appearance: Fight Comics #1 (Fiction House), Jan. 1940. 15 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by ?









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