Oracle. "Bob Paxton, a young engineer, has gone to British Guiana as a technician with the Army Air Force. A jungle skirmish -- and he comes upon a power converting him into the mightiest single threat the Axis has faced!" Specifically, on discovering a band of German paratroopers and killing them, Paxton is gassed by the German before he dies. Rather than killing Paxton, it gives him unerringly accurate visions of the near future. He uses these visions to fight against the enemies of America: initially Axis powers, then Communists. He has no control over the visions, but that doesn’t matter, as they are always relevant. Among the enemies he fights are a scientist accidentally dowsed with a formula which turns him into a talking Mad Scientist gorilla, The Bat (a destruction-loving alien from the fourth dimension, in the future), and the Hydron, an enormous octopus remotely controlled by a U-boat. Paxton is assisted by Lana Owens, and appears in stories with titles like "The Cufflinks Code," "The Strange Case of Dr. Veroni, and "The Phantom of the Planetarium."

First Appearance: Startling Comics #20 (Standard), Mar 1943. 18 appearances, 1943-1946. Created by Henry Kiefer and ?









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