Benson, Norge. “Norge Benson, a ‘Wrong-Way Corrigan’ of the space-ways, finds himself on Pluto. His new home is a fantasy of ice and snow, with icicles and ice cubes in profusion...the haughty Penguine population arrayed in formal attire waddle their way through our adventures with Norge and Frosting, his pet polar bear, in ‘Snowland’....” The Penguines (also, “Plutocrats”) are sentient, scientifically-advanced penguin-like creatures who have pet sharks and who treat Benson well, and he in turn protects them from the walrus-like Sebars. Comedic adventures ensue.

First Appearance: Planet Comics #12 (Fiction House), May 1941. 21 appearances, 1941-1944. Created by Al Walker and ?









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