Namora. Namora, a.k.a. Aquaria Nautica Neptunia, is the cousin of Namor the Sub-Mariner. She is the only survivor of a human attack on Namor's kingdom. When they are finally reunited she follows his model, avenges her people, and begins fighting crime. She is an Atlantean, with super-strength and the ability to live underwater indefinitely. She fights the Pirate, the Viking, the super-intelligent Brain, the Yellow Peril Sari Tartar, Blackbeard, the Phantom Troubador, and the psychic murderer Dr. Macabre. She appears in stories with titles like “The Harbor of Madmen,” “The Beast of the Bowery Barger,” and “The Terror of the Tattler.”

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #82 (Marvel), May 1947. 50 appearances, 1947-1949. Created by Ken Bald, Syd Shores and ?









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