Mysta. “A world went mad at his maniacal whim; a universe of slaves bowed to his evil will–and Mars was master of men! But then a girl defied him. Her name was Mysta–and the moon was her home!” Years ago, a scientist foresaw the coming madness on Earth and stole two infants and took them to a moon base. There, he raised the boy and the girl to be super-humans, absorbing all the knowledge of humanity. Mars manages to kill the scientist and possess the boy, but Mysta sees through the deception and kills her brother. She goes on to fight against Mars’ plans and against other evil beings in space opera adventures, using her the moon-base “citadel of science” as her headquarters. She appears in stories with titles like “Death-Webs at Zenith3,” “Chameleon Men from Galaxy 9,” and “Medusa Men From Mars.”

First Appearance: Planet Comics #35 (Fiction House), Mar 1945. 29 appearances, 1945-1952. Created by Joe Doolin and ?








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