Moon Girl. “A woman of sensational strength, superhuman speed and endurance and surpassing loveliness.” Clare Lane is a native of a mythical kingdom somewhere in the mountains of Samarkand. She leaves her home and comes to the United States to fight crime and help the general weal. Her civilian identity is Clare Lune, history teacher at Rawley Junior High. Moon Girl is assisted first by her swain Prince Menou, “true son of Hercules,” and later by a female assistant, Star. Moon Girl has a moonstone which gives her the strength of ten men and makes her invulnerable to all harm, and a telepathically-controlled airplane-like "moonship.” She appears in stories with titles like “Invaders From Venus,” “Satana, Queen of the Underworld,” and “The Challenge of the Cyclops.”

First Appearance: Moon Girl and the Prince #1 (EC), Fall 1947. 30 appearances, 1947-1949. Created by Gardner Fox and Sheldon Moldoff.

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