Mister Scarlet. “Special prosecutor by day, Brian Butler discards his legal robes at midnight to become the mysterious “Mister Scarlet,” an underworld legend—a myth who strikes with merciless reality and brings to justice those who escape the law through its legal loopholes….” However, ultimately Butler is so successful that he loses his job, and has to look for odd jobs to support himself during the day while at night he fights evil as Mr. Scarlet. He is assisted by Butler’s secretary, Miss Wade, who knows about Mr. Scarlet, and by his sidekick, the young boy Pinky. Mr. Scarlet has the ability to fly, although no origin for this ability is ever given. He teams up with Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel; he fights the Black Thorn and his life-stealing Mummy Ray, the murderous Black Clown and his criminal circus compatriots, the Laughing Skull and his prophecies of doom, and the Wolf-Men. He even has his own team of super-villains, the Death Battalion, consisting of Mr. Scarlet’s greatest enemies, including the Brain, Dr. Death, the Horned Hood, the Laughing Skull, and others. He appears in stories with titles like “Melodious Death,” “The Black Clown,” and “The Moon Torchman.”

First Appearance: Wow Comics #1 (Fawcett), Winter 1940-1941. 100+ appearances, 1940-1948. Created by France Herron and Jack Kirby.









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