Mister Risk. Mr. Risk, “the man who knows no fear,” is a hard-boiled private detective. He’s the only honest man in a city filled with corruption, so that even criminals go to him when they want justice. He is served by Abdul, a huge turban-wearing Indian servant who, although calling Risk “master,” seems to be treated respectfully by Risk and is not portrayed in a particularly stereotypical way–his speech is not offensive in the way that, for example, Ebony’s is. Risk’s cases often seem to verge on the fantastic (murderous cave men, hooded cultists, cursed gems) but usually have a rational explanation. Risk appears in stories with titles like “Clue of the Blood-Red Clay,” “Three Riddles of Death,” and “The Case of the Psychopathic Lady.”

First Appearance: Our Flag Comics #5 (Ace), Apr 1942. 44 appearances, 1942-1955. Created by ? and George Mandel.


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