Mister Midnite. “Leaving his trademark, a watch dial with the hands at midnight on all he does time stands still as he goes about defeating the foes of mankind…as the giant bell in the steeple tolls 12, Mister Midnite steps forth—stops the chime on its seventh stroke…and begins his adventure.” Neil Carruthers, a "wealthy young sportsman," has the ability to stop clocks--not time, but clocks--with the cry "Stop time!" Neil is bored enough to decide to try to put this talent to use helping the police. He leaves a calling card behind of a card with a watch dial with the hands set at midnight. Mister Midnite appears in “As Time Stops” and “Noman Needs Women.”

First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #1 (Lev Gleason), Dec 1939. 2 appearances, 1939-1940. Created by Jim Chambers, Al Anders and ?




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