Mister Justice. In 1740 Prince James, the 20-year-old heir to the English throne, is assassinated by Scots rebels in the Castle of Solway Firth. James' spirit is not allowed to go on to its final reward, however, since his "destiny" has been "thwarted." His ghost kills his assassins, then, trapped in the castle, lingers for centuries. In 1940 the British take his castle apart and ship it to the United States. The ship transporting the castle is sunk by a U-boat, and this frees James' spirit. James keeps going to the U.S. and takes on the identity of Mr. Justice to stop others from being killed the way he was. As a ghost he gets his power from the "spectral planes;" he can fly, move underwater as easily through air, and can emit blasts which destroy bodies and souls. He can also move as a spirit or in a more solid form, which form is vulnerable to fire. He appears in stories with titles like “The Radium Corpse,” “The Painter Who Trapped Souls,” and “The Monk Summons Death.”

First Appearance: Blue Ribbon Comics #9 (Archie), Feb 1941. 23 appearances, 1941-1943. Created by Joe Blair and Sam Cooper.


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