Mister E (II). Mister E (II), who is never given a name or an origin, is the lone servant of the god King Kolah, the "remnant of an extinct civilization whose teachings proclaim the violent destruction of evil and injustice." Mr. E carries out King Kolah's wishes from a secret room in Mr. E's home. King Kolah is a statue in that room, and when evil takes place King Kolah comes to life and directs Mr. E. Mr. E is helped by the "messengers of Kolah," a group of magical elves who can transform themselves into birds and which spy on behalf of Mister E. Mr. E's assistant is Miss Terry. Mr. E has no superpowers, but is good in a fight and packs heat. Mr E fights ordinary criminals, saboteurs, wicked Yellow Peril Japanese who plot against the US from inside an internment camp, and domestic terrorists.

First Appearance: Punch Comics #1 (Chesler/Dynamic), Dec 1941. 14 appearances, 1941-1946. Created by ?




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