Gibbs, Mike. “Somewhere in Europe, stalking the Axis like a grim ghost of revenge–lurks Guerrilla, valiant vanguard of victory! Who is he? No one knows, except that he is one hundred and seventy pounds of American dynamite, with the courage of a lion and the cunning of a courag! Who is he? The flaming torch of rebellion and retribution...beacon for a billion enslaved souls!” In 1940 in Paris Mike Gibbs is a practical-joke-loving reporter, but when the Germans invade Gibbs forms a friendship with Marie Hwart, organizer of the local Underground, and Gibbs stays on during the occupation to wage a one-man guerrilla war against the Germans. He has no super-powers.

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #84 (DC), Mar 1943. 19 appearances, 1943-1946. Created by Joe Samachson and Irving Tirman.









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