Ellis, Mike. Mike Ellis is the teenaged sidekick of Doc Strange. Originally a spoiled brat, Ellis is inspired by Strange to exercise, get strong, and fly right. Strange then rescues Ellis from a kidnaping, and Ellis copies Strange’s costume and tags along with Strange to fight crime. Ellis has no superpowers, but wades into fights anyhow. Ellis and Strange confront villains like the Faceless Phantom (and his “delta ray gun”), the Yellow Peril Emperor (and his flame apes), and the black magic-empowered Mephisto. Ellis appears in stories with titles like "The Living Death,” “The Deathless Fiends,” and “The Mechomen.”

First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #24 (Standard), Feb 1940. 69 appearances, 1940-1948. Created by Alexander Kostuk and Richard Hughes.








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