Mighty Man. Mighty Man begins as a Paul Bunyan-esque twelve-foot-tall crime fighting giant of the Old West, discovered in "the Valley of the Giants" by a professor and young cowhand. Mighty Man, who has no other name, is the descendant of pioneers who settled in the Valley and discovered that everything, even their children, grew extremely large in the Valley. Mighty Man is the last of their descendants. He decides to accompany the professor and the cowhand into the outside world and devotes himself to fighting crime. Later on, he is described as "the Amazing Mighty Man, endowed with super-human strength and the ability to grow and shrink at will." By “thought suggestion” he can also alter his appearance. He is sidekicked by Super Ann (I). Mighty Man fights gangsters and the legless, yogi-trained thought-controlling Master Mind, but Mighty Man’s recurring enemy in this second phase is the elderly, quite evil, magically-empowered crime boss and would-be world conqueror the Witch.

First Appearance: Amazing-Man Comics #5 (Centaur), Sept 1939. 19 appearances, 1939-1941. Created by Martin Filchock.






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