Midnight. “By day, Dave Clark is just an ordinary American...a spot announcer for station UXAM. But darkness finds him in the garb of Midnight, an eerie friend of the needy.” He is assisted by talking monkey Gabby and reformed Mad Scientist Doc Wackey. Midnight has no superpowers but carries a gun, sleep-darts, a two-way wrist radio, and other gadgets. He fights ordinary gangsters, the magician Chango (whose spells are in Pig Latin), the femme fatale Circle, the maniacal Laughing Killer, the Men from Mars, the Amazonian Robustia, and others. He appears in stories with titles like “Liver-Lip McGaw,” “The Ghost of Robin Hood,” and “The Liquifying Ray.”

First Appearance: Smash Comics #18 (Quality), Jan 1941. 70 appearances, 1941-1949. Created by Jack Cole.









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